VCM Plugins

20 RMMZ plugins for half the price
Add extra calculations for all damage formulas
Remove the default battle messages
Prevent the battle log window from appearing
Randomize the hue of enemies
Set position formulas for actors and enemies
Add state icons to actors at battle scenes
Invert position and sprite of all battlers
Customize TP settings for battlers
Add HP/MP/TP/ATB gauges for enemies
Show HP/MP gauges in the map
Allows players to pause the game
Show character sprites at menus
Show character sprites at the message window
Customize rain, snow and storm sprites
Change speed of player and events
Allows players to touch teleport
Allows players to change the game's windowskin
Allows players to change the game's font
Allows players to change the game's text color
Change the color of multiple game elements
Change max battlers - RPG Maker MV
Enemy info mid-battle - RPG Maker MV
Toggle Auto Battle - RPG Maker MV
+-Element damage - RPG Maker MV
Limit damage, healing - RPG Maker MV
Show foe's HP, MP, TP - RPG Maker MV
Make battles quicker - RPG Maker MV
Show order of Actions - RPG Maker MV
Action Points System - RPG Maker MV
Change sprites - RPG Maker MV
Adds Skill Bars - RPG Maker MV
Highlight events with color - RPG Maker MV
Main Menu in Battle - RPG Maker MV
Term Lore on Mouse Over - RPG Maker MV
State Info on Mouse Over - RPG Maker MV
Change move speeds - RPG Maker MV
Save/load with a keypress - RPG Maker MV
Save game mid-Battle - RPG Maker MV
Allows going back a turn - RPG Maker MV
Control the Help Window - RPG Maker MV
Dodge shots for a minute in all Levels
Dodge all bullets and reach the goal
Minimalist shooter/bullet hell game